We built our timber frame home with the idea of doing this show in mind.  We have an "in" door and an "out" door.  The same goes for driveways.  The wide open spaces of the home all revolve around a massive stone fireplace.  We deeply admire craftsmanship, and hope it shows in our house.

Work for Christmas on the Hill begins in the summer when we start watching trends and visiting shows, keeping an eye out for up and coming artists and craftspersons.  The buzz words for us are "unique", "quality," and "local."  In August and September we throw ourselves into our own crafts, and begin to empty the house of possessions.  Next, the wood floors are re-sealed.  The chimney gets cleaned, and the driveway is manicured.  Eventually the gardens are cleared and mulched, and the house is decorated from it's gable wreath to the ground.